...with a number thunderously evocative of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan, Morgan rises to the occasion in stellar fashion ... ‘Scars’ is a pragmatic triumph and a testament yet again as to how rock music has the capacity to help the listener to transcend mental realms, inspired and driven by the very two qualities it aims to shine a light on: Pain and Hope.” - Vaibhav Thomas

— Indie Spoonful, 8/29/23

"...This evocative track delves into the inner world of those grappling with anxiety and depression, shedding light on their emotions and experiences… Morgan’s emotionally charged single offers a unique glimpse into the minds of individuals struggling with emotional turmoil..."”

— Indie Music News Reporter, 8/29/23

" ...sound like a '70's-done-'90's vibe, in many different genres.  It's like Trash Day is a concept album.  He does soft rock, some jams that sound like Gin Blossoms, an acid rocker... Güten tag, Herr Doctor!  Danke!"   - Diane Tamicha.

- The Big Take-Over, Issue No. 86

"Adam's Song"...Sizzling, catchy metal guitar riffs…hard hitting drums…gritty vocals…a not-to-be-missed climactic guitar solo” - Victoria Scott & Staff

Please Pass the Indie 2/24/20

“Runnin’ Out of Time” is everything you want out of a song, compiling a minimal arrangement of elements into a perfectly balanced mix that takes you on a sonic journey. The eeriness Güten Morgan brings to his lyrics is contagious and intriguing...” - Ionis Finser & staff

Indie-Spoonful, 2/19/20